1. Ensure that banner content contains only one *.html file in the root of the folder
  2. Ensure that *.html file supports "clickTag" query parameter. It can be done in two ways:Simply add a following script into head tag of html file:<script src=""></script>Add your own implementation which will add event listener on DOMContentLoaded event, extract "clickTag" query parameter value and set the value to the area responsible for clicking.
  3. Ensure that overall size of all unarchived banner elements is less that 512kb
  4. Ensure that all external scripts included in the *.html file are hosted on secure sources i.e. for all <script src="external link"> the 'external link' is started from https. Because http links are banned by web browser as insecure.
  5. Archive all the content of the banner into zip file. Please note that the content should be archived but not the folder containing it.
  6. Select zip file, set height & width of the banner and press upload.

You are good to go!

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