Match2One offers a Quick start option, and a Performance option. By connecting Match2One's pixels onto your website, you unlock the following performance features: 

Retargeting campaigns

As soon as Match2One's segment pixel is installed, we will start to collect data. This gives you the ability to target an audience that has already visited your website, in order to get them back again. A visitor who's already visited your website is more likely to come back.

Tips: Did you know that generally 2-3% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store? When connecting with Match2One, you are able to bring back the other 97%.  

CPA Campaigns

CPA is short for Cost Per Acquisition, and allows you to target users similar to those who's already made acquisitions on your website. An acquisition could be everything from buying one of your products to signing up for a newsletter.

With our tracking installed, your campaigns may be optimised towards a CPA goal, where the AI searches for the audience that is most likely to convert - at the lowest price possible.

Tips: The model Match2One uses is called a Look-A-Like model, where it searches for an audience that matches the one who convert. 

Ability to track conversions

Conversions are easy to track in our very transparent dashboard. Here we provide information of where the user is from, what ad that was shown and on which website it was placed. We do also fully track the time it took until the customer converted. 

Track your ROI

Is it really worth running this campaign? By simply connecting your order values to the Match2One pixels, you will be able to calculate your exact ROI easily within our platform. Of course, we do also provide the ability to extract the data into CSV-files.


Of course, you are also provided with the same features as in our Quick Start option:

Increase Brand Awareness - CPM Optimised campaigns

CPM stands for Cost Per Thousand impressions (Cost Per Mille). In a campaign optimised towards a CPM goal, the AI will be looking for the best exposure for your ads - at the lowest cost possible.

Traffic Generating Campaigns - CPC Optimised Campaigns

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. In a campaign optimised towards a CPC goal, the AI will be targeting the audience that is most believable to click your ads and visit your landing page. The more clicks the campaign gets, the better the AI will get in targeting the right audience, always optimising towards lower Cost Per Click.

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