In Match2One, there is no minimum spend. However, there are a few things worth taking into consideration.
The algorithm used to make the most of your budget performs the best when it's allowed to optimise on "field results", serving ads and analysing the results. This means that the more impressions you get, and the longer your campaign runs - the better the optimisation gets.


When using a lower budget, you run a risk of stalling the optimisation, resulting in a much longer optimisation time and up to weeks of slow progress.

Therefore, we recommend having a daily spend of at least $20 USD to be able to feed the algorithm. The higher daily spend, the faster it will optimise.

Take into consideration that the timeframe is important as well. Preferably the campaign needs to run for at least 4 weeks. In the event of a strict budget, make sure to set your daily spend in accordance to the timeframe. It usually yields better results to have a mid spend over long time, rather than having a high spend for a short amount of time.

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