To make campaign creation as simple and smooth as possible, we have created the Campaign Generator. It generates the most suitable campaign settings according to your goals and budget.

Campaign model

The most effective way to reach your potential audience is to display ads both to new users (prospecting) as well as visitors who left your site without buying (retargeting). Prospecting new visitors is crucial to continuously grow your business. Though, it is easier and more cost-efficient to retarget visitors who already visited your website earlier.

For this reason, all campaigns created with Campaign Generator are Combined by default, splitting your budget automatically between prospecting and retargeting in an optimal way.

To enable both prospecting and retargeting, you need to connect your website to Match2One by installing the tracking scripts provided in the platform. You are able to to run your campaign without tracking in Prospecting mode and reach new users. To enable the retargeting capabilities of Match2One, upgrade to Performance by connecting your website.

Optimisation type

Read more about optimisation here.

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