Installing tracking pixels is one of the most important things to complete when you start your journey with Match2One. Segment Pixel tracks information on your website visitors and feeds our AI with data for the best optimization of your campaigns.

To install Match2One segment tracking you'll need to copy your unique segment script that you can find inTools > Tracking Installation > Segment Pixel > Manual Installation' and place it on all of your website's pages.

You can either use an Image Pixel or a JavaScript Tag.

Image Pixel

An Image Pixel is a simple HTML <img> tag that loads an invisible 1x1 pixel image on the page and is used when an advertiser's website doesn’t accept JavaScript code.

To install an Image Pixel, copy the snippet of code you can find in your Tools section and place it into the body tag on all your pages, just before the closing </body> tag.

JavaScript Tag

To install a JavaScript tag, tick the 'Use a JavaScript tag' box, copy the snippet of code you can find in your Tools section, and place it into your header tag, just before the closing </head> tag.

Don't want to install your Segment Pixel manually?

Check how to install it with the help of Google Tag Manager:

Also, make sure to install the Conversion Pixel:

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