Prospecting is when a programmatic solution collects data and develops an understanding of a business’s target audience, and match these learnings and patterns with the online-population of consumers, to deliver the right ads, at the right time, to users that are the most likely to convert into new customers. 

Match2One is using smart Artificial Intelligence to find patterns, and automatically optimise your campaign to the users that are the most likely to convert into new customers.

  1. Select your campaign name
  2. Choose a Product category - this should be the product or service that you are advertising in this campaign.
  3. Delivery dates - select when you want to start, and finish your campaign. 
  4. Budget: We suggest a minimum of $2,000 USD for prospecting campaigns, and minimum $1,000 for re-targeting campaigns. If you want to run a combination campaign you should cover at least $3,000 in your campaign budget. 
  5. Optmisation
    5.1 Optmisation Goal
  6. Upload Your Ads
  7. Audience Targeting Settings
  8. Advertising Strategy
  9. Launch your campaign :) 
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