1. Credit Card
  2. Invoice

In order to be able to pay with invoice, you have to fill in some additional information. Navigate to the Billing section of your account, by clicking on the cogwheel in the top right corner.

Select Invoice as your payment method

  1. Go to Edit, in the payment method section. 

2. Select "Invoice" as the payment method.

3. Enter your Billing details, and click on "Save Changes"

Request an Invoice to top-up your account credit

  1. Go to the billing section of your Match2One account, and click Add Money (after you have selected invoice as the payment method)

2. Select your currency, and amount you wish to add to your account. Then click Pay by Invoice. You will receive a confirmation email, followed by an invoice. 

3. Once the invoice has been paid - you will see the credit in your Match2One account.

4. You can now create, and launch a programmatic prospecting or retargeting campaign!

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