YFollow the steps below to create a new campaign:

  1. Click the new campaign button in the top right corner in the Dashboard page

2. Type the name of your campaign

3. Select a campaign model
 With Match2One you can create three types of campaigns:

  1. Keep customers with Match2One's retargeting campaign model (Retargeting)
  2. Find new customers with Match2One’s prospecting campaign model (Prospecting)
  3. Find new customers and keeping customers (Both Retargeting & Prospecting)

4. Select the product that you sell and you want to advertise

5. Choose a period that you want to run your campaign. We recommend you to run your campaign contunously, and give it at least 4 weeks for the campaign to learn about your audience and form a strong optimisation pattern.

6. Enter the daily budget that you want to spend for your campaign. We recommend you a minimum of $10 for a retargeting campaign and $50 for prospecting

7. Choose an optimisation type (CPA, CPM,CPC) and enter the optimisation value for this type

  • CPC: We recommend a value between $1.5-$3 as the goal.
  • CPA: This should be based on your average order value. Speak to your customer success manager if you need help setting this goal.
  • CPM: We recommend a value between $2-$4 as the goal.

8. Select the countries and the regions within the selected countries that you want your ads to be displayed

9. Create or upload ad banners by clicking the plus button. You can either upload banners from your computer, or you can use the banners that you have already created in Creative Suite in Match2One by choosing library
(What banner sizes should I use?)

10. Enter the landing page (URL ex. http://www.match2one.com) where you want to direct the traffic to

11. Once you have filled all the fields you can either save the campaign as a draft, and launch it later, or click preview and launch button at the bottom of the new campaign page to get to the payment page.

12. Review your campaign targeting, and click Payment to select payment options.

13. Select your payment Method and click launch.

Learn more about payments here. 

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