When using Match2One's banner tool, the easiest way to create multiple sizes of the same banner is by first creating one original, then copying the same banner and changing it's size.

Access the banner tool by clicking "Creative suite" in the side menu or "Create ads" while setting up a new campaign

  1. When you have created 1 banner that you are happy with, save it and name it.
  2. Now, select the banner you just created, and click "edit"

3.Now click "stage", select the new size you want to create and click "Ok"

4. The banner has got a new size, now you need to adjust the content to the new size, by using scaling and moving the objects until you are happy

5. When you are done, Select the dropdown arrow to the right of "Save", and select "Save as" to save it as a new banner. Make sure to select "Save as" to avoid saving over the original size.

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