Here is a full guide of how to pay by Invoice. NOTE: There is a minimum amount of $1000 USD to pay by invoice.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click the new campaign button

Step 2

Once you have complete your campaign settings and entered the 'Payment' section, click Change under Payment Method. 

Step 3

Click Invoice -> Edit/Add or Double Check the adress, and hit -> Save

Step 4

Back in the Payment Section, choose how often you want to be charged in the billing frequency dropdown menu.

You can choose to pay per X week or to pay the full amount all at once. Please notice that all payments are paid in advance and your campaign will start as soon as we have received your payment. As long as you keep this campaign running we will send you invoices prior to upcoming payments.

You have to mark that you agree to this. Then hit -> Save

Step 5

You are finished! Launch your campaign and let the algorithms start working for you!

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