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What is a clickTag?
What is a clickTag?

What is a clickTag and how to install it

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The clickTag is a technique used to open the advertiser's landing page in a new browser tab after clicking on a banner. The clickTag also allows the third-party ad servers used by the publisher to provide the URL of their own click tracking mechanism which will be called between banner click and landing page opening.

How to install a clickTag

It can be done in two ways:

  • Add the following script into <head> tag of HTML file:
    โ€‹<script src=""></script>
    It will add a transparent <div> tag on top of your banner. This tag is aware of the clickTag and will open a landing page passed there during a click on the banner.

  • Add your own implementation which will add an event listener on DOMContentLoaded event, extract clickTag query parameter value, and set the value to the area responsible for clicking.

How to test a clickTag

1. After the clickTag installation described above, save changes in the HTML file for your banner.

2. Open index.html (your own *.html) file in a preferred web browser.

3. Add the following text: ?clickTag= at the end of the URL in the address bar and press Enter.

4. Click on the ad. A new window with website should be opened in your browser.ย 

5. You are good to go!

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