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Conversion Pixel (without order value) - Google Tag Manager Installation
Conversion Pixel (without order value) - Google Tag Manager Installation

How to install Match2One Conversion Pixel using Google Tag Manager

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To install pixels using this guide, you'll need an account at Google Tag Manager. If you don't have it already, you can create one for free here.

Install the Match2One conversion pixel without order value

Step 1 - Create a tag

1. Go to your Match2One account and in the 'Tracking' section copy your unique conversion script. Remember to uncheck the 'Add script with order value...' box.

2. Go to Google Tag Manager, log in to your account and select the container for your website.

3. Select ''Add a new tag''.

4. Select ''Tag configuration''.

5. Select ''Custom HTML Tag''.

6. Paste the conversion script you copied earlier into the HTML text area.

7. Scroll down and click ''Triggering''.

8. Click the "+" icon to add a trigger.

9. Click ''Trigger configuration''.

10. Select ''Page view''.

11. Select ''Some Page Views''.

12. Enter a URL or part of a URL that is unique to your conversion page.

13. Click ''Save''.

14. Name your trigger and click ''Save''.

15. Click ''Save'' once more.

16. Also name your tag and save it.

Step 3 - Test and publish

1. Refresh the ''Preview'' mode.

2. Go to your website tab and refresh it. Go to your conversion page again.
In the Google Tag Manager console at the bottom, choose your Match2One tag.

3. If everything is working properly, publish your changes in Google Tag Manager.

4. Click ''Publish'' again.

5. Optionally you can add a description, or ''Skip'' this step.

All done!

Want to install the conversion pixel with order value?

Also, make sure to install Match2One Segment Tracking:

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