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Match2One GDPR Compliancy for customers
Match2One GDPR Compliancy for customers

How to inform your website visitors of Match2One’s pixel

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When you install Match2One’s pixel on your website we collect information about the visitors of your website.

To create the best experience for our customers this article helps you become compliant in regards to the service we offer. 

Below is guidance on how to ensure that the relationship between you and Match2One is compliant with the GDPR.

To be GDPR compliant, please copy-paste the text at the end of this document into your cookie policy.

Please note that the below is not general legal advice and that you need to ensure that your use of cookies is done in a compliant way, according to your specific situation.

When you use Match2One’s services, you must: 

  1. Obtain the valid consent of your visitors to set cookies in their devices and read them; 

  2. Inform the visitors about the cookies that your website is using; 

  3. Obtain the valid consent of your visitors to us (Match2One) improving the Web Tracking service using information from the cookies set in their devices, and provide the necessary information about the consent to our processing of personal data. 

How to do it:

To set cookies in visitor’s devices or to process personal data, their consent is required. This can be obtained by using e.g. “I accept”-buttons placed in a cookie banner.

A visitor’s consent to the use of cookies must be informed

Therefore, you must provide visitors with a cookie policy in accordance with applicable laws. 

One part of the cookie policy is to list all the cookies that are used on your website, along with information about what they do and how long they are stored in the visitor’s device. 

In order to help you with this, information about the cookies that are set when our pixel is called is provided below, for you to insert into your cookie policy. 



Information about the consent to Match2One’s processing of personal data  

We obtain your consent to the processing of personal data on the behalf of Match2One AB (“Match2One”).

Information collected from cookies set in your device that qualify as personal data will be processed by Match2One, a company offering advertising and ad targeting services with offices in Stockholm and Kyiv. Please see below for full contact details. 

The purpose for the processing of the personal data is that it enables Match2One to improve a service rendered to us and our website (e.g “Targeted advertising” service), by adding data to their database about website visitors. 

The data that is collected and used by Match2One is anonymous and related to the user's visits to the website, such as the number of visits, average time spent on the website and what pages have been loaded, registering defined website actions such as a conversion, or other such action, with the purpose of displaying targeted online display ads.

For the full information about our processing of personal information, please see our full Privacy Policy.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to this processing. Such withdrawal may be made either by contacting us, or by contacting Match2One directly. 

Match2One AB

Company reg. no 559036-6836

Stureplan 6

114 35 Stockholm

+46 760 948 327




persistent cookie  

persistent cookie 





client domain 

client domain 


Identify user

Identify user session


 1 year

 1 year

Read more about how to be a GDPR compliant online advertiser in our blog post:

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