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How do I cancel my monthly subscription?
How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

How to Cancel your monthly subscription plan and how this will affect your account.

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If you decide to cancel your Match2One subscription, nothing will happen to your currently running campaigns until the end of the current subscription interval.

After that, all of your active campaigns will become Pending.

Before you cancel your subscription, please note:

  • You will not be able to launch new campaigns

  • You will not be able to edit or make changes to existing campaigns

  • Your service level will be reduced to Chat support only

You can, of course, reactivate your plan at any time, and your data will be stored in your account.

Canceling your subscription

1. Switch to your Main Account and go to your Subscription Plan settings by clicking the cogwheel icon in the top navigation bar and selecting 'Subscription Plan'. Note: You need to have admin rights to make any changes to your plan.

2. Under the Plan Usage setting locate the 'Deactivate' link to the right and click it.

3. In the pop-up window you will be asked to confirm your choice. If you're decided to cancel your subscription, click the 'Deactivate Plan' button. If you came here by mistake, and are not willing to cancel your subscription, simply click the 'Close without deactivating' button or close the pop-up window using 'X'.

4. After you have canceled your subscription, you're going to see a warning message informing you that your plan won't be renewed after the subscription interval ends.

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