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First steps in Match2One platform
First steps in Match2One platform

How to make your onboarding smooth

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We're excited to have you on board! There's a couple of things you'll need to complete before you take off with your amazing advertising strategies and make it easier for us to deliver our promise as quickly as possible.

1. Tracking installation

This is the most important step of all - once tracking pixels are installed, our AI, Quantum Stream, will immediately start to gather useful data from your visitors, including their behavior, habits, and who is converting. Whenever you plan to launch your campaign, Quantum Stream will simply apply its previous learnings as soon as you start the campaign.

There are 2 types of pixels you'll need to install and 2 different ways to do it:

Segment Pixel

Conversion Pixel

Interested in creating multiple audiences or advertising different products or services in different regions? Read our guide on sub-accounts.

2. Creatives

You will need competitive ad creatives in order to achieve the best results. Simply upload your own, or create them yourself in our provided tools. In this guide, we provide you with our best tips on how to create perfect banners!

3. Subscription plan

Available plans

Depending on your business's needs and size, we offer 3 different monthly subscription-based plans. Check what is included in each of them here.


We're using a pre-paid billing style, so you'll need to top up your account balance prior to launching your first campaign. When it comes to payment methods, you can choose to connect a credit card or request an invoice (minimum amount of $1000).

4. Add sub-accounts (optional)

If you're an agency, sell products in different countries, or want to differentiate advertising for your services, you might want to install multiple pairs of segment and conversion pixels that will refer to audiences of your choice. This is what sub-accounts in Match2One are made for. Check how to add new sub-accounts here.

5. Voíla! You're now ready to launch!

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