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Resizing Display Ads

How to resize your ads?

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If you have used our integrated built-in editor to design your ads, you are able to edit them to make some updates or resize them to other sizes to save time building other versions of your creative.

Resizing Ads

1. Start by opening the editor for your creative of choice (step 1 from 'Editing Ads' instruction).

2. In the editor, click the 'Resize' button in the bottom left corner.

3. Browse the list of different sizes, and click 'Resize' once you have found the needed size.

4. Creative will be resized to the desired size, adjusting all the layout elements. You might need to do some manual adjustments too.

5. Once you have resized your creative, click an arrow next to the 'Save' button. It will open a drop-down menu with a 'Save as' option. Click it.

6. Edit a creative name or leave it as is, and click 'Save as'.

7. You're done!

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