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Step by step guide

1. Click the '+ New Campaign' button at the top navigation bar.

Step 1 - Goal

1. Select an optimisation strategy. You can choose from Brand Awareness (CPM goal), Website Visitors (CPC goal), or Conversions (CPA goal).

2. Define a goal value for the selected optimisation strategy and click 'Next step'.

Step 2 - Model

1. Select a campaign model and click 'Next step'. You can choose from three types of campaigns: Prospecting, Retargeting, or Combination (one campaign combining both prospecting and retargeting).

Step 3 - Budget & Targeting

1. Select countries that you want your ads to be displayed in.

2. Select a default currency for your campaign - this will let us track order values for your conversions in the preselected currency even if you don't have a currency code reference in your conversion script, and calculate ROAS for your campaign. A must if you want to run a CPA or ROAS campaign.

3. Set a daily budget for your campaign - we recommend you a minimum of $10 for a retargeting campaign and $50 for prospecting.

4. Choose a schedule for your campaign - we recommend to run your campaign continuously and give it at least 4 weeks for the campaign to learn about your audience and form a strong optimisation pattern.

5. Tweak up your Advanced Targeting Settings - if you don't have access to these, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and ask them about this feature.

Step 4 - Creatives

1. Enter the landing page, e.g., where you want to direct the traffic to. We recommend using the secure protocol ('https') for your URL as 'http' links are very often banned by web browsers as insecure.

2. Add creatives to your campaign. You can either upload ads from your computer, select already created ones from Creative Studio, or create completely new ads using our integrated built-in editor.

3. Check the banner coverage for your landing page in the menu to the right. Recommended banner sizes differ from country to country, so make sure you have them preselected before adding any creatives. Also, make sure to check the general recommendations for ad sizes.

4. Optionally you can add up to 3 different landing pages to one campaign. For each of them, you'll need to add creatives separately. Keep in mind that the domain (first part of the URL) needs to be the same for all landing pages that you decide to add.

Step 5 - Payment

1. Select a payment method for your campaign. You can choose from an Account Balance or a Credit Card.

When using the 1st method you'll need to make sure you always have sufficient funds in your account. When using the 2nd method you can select an option to charge your credit card only if there are no sufficient funds in the account balance.

2. Select a billing frequency for your campaign - choose how often you want to be charged for the media spend provided for this campaign. Also, make sure to accept the terms & conditions for payments to proceed.

3. Check the preliminary billing schedule. The amount that you will be charged is calculated based on the daily budget and the billing frequency you set.

Step 6 - Summary

1. Give your campaign a name.

2. Review your campaign settings in 'Your selections summary' section.

3. If everything is correct, you're ready to launch your campaign! You can also save your campaign as a draft and launch it in the future.

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