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Add funds using a credit card
Add funds using a credit card

How to add funds to your account using your MasterCard, VISA or American Express credit card

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Adding a card to your account

1. Go to your Billing settings by clicking the cogwheel icon in the top navigation bar and selecting 'Billing'.

2. Once in there, click the 'edit' icon to the right of the 'Payment Method'.

3. Select 'Credit Card' as the payment method and click '+Add new card'.

4. In the first step select the card type (MasterCard, VISA, or American Express).

4. Enter your card details, click 'Continue' and then save your card to your account by clicking 'Save changes'

5. Done! Your card should be added to your account.

Adding funds using a credit card

1. In the Billing section, click the 'Add balance' button.

2. In the pop-up window select the 'Credit Card' option and provide the amount you want to add to your account balance. Depending on the country, we might apply the VAT.

3. When you're ready, click the 'Make payment' button.

4. Your receipt will appear on the top of the Payment History. The transaction should be processed immediately and the funds will be added to your Match2One account.

5. Ready! You can now create, and launch a programmatic prospecting or retargeting campaign!

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