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Even smarter optimisation and better performance

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A Google Analytics integration in Match2One's platform allows you to create even better campaigns. By integrating your programmatic campaigns with Google Analytics, our AI will be able to drive more relevant traffic to your website.

With Match2One's pixel installed on your website, our AI can optimise campaigns toward clicks, conversions, or ROAS. By feeding the AI data from Google Analytics, campaigns can also be optimised toward website behavior - which leads to quicker performance and better results.

Our AI will get smarter by analysing:

  • Time on site

  • Bounce rate

  • Amount of pages visited

  • Interests (based on Google Analytics data)

How to connect?

Go to "Tools" section and click ''Integrations'' tab. Once you're there, simply click "Connect Google Analytics", allow Match2One read-only access, and select the Account, Property, and View you want to connect. After finalizing the process, you're ready to go!


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