Creating Native Ads

Create and adjust native ads

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You can create your native ads from the scratch using our Native Ad Creator. It allows you to add and adjust an image, add a headline, description (optional), brand name, and a CTA (optional).

Check native ads guidelines before moving forward with ad creation.

Creating Ads

1. In the Creative Studio click the ''Create'' button and select ''Create Native Ads'' option - Native Ad Creator will open.

2. Give your ad a name by clicking on the little edit icon to the right.

3. Upload an image.

4. Add a headline, brand name, description (optional), and a CTA (optional).

5. Once you have added all the elements, your texts and image should appear in an ad preview to the right. It's an example of how your ad might look on a publisher webpage. Keep in mind that your ad might be styled in a different way - that affects font types, font sizes, colors, and image cropping.

6. Your ads are going to be displayed across different widgets, so in our Native Ad Creator, you have the possibility to adjust the 7 most popular aspect ratios for your image. To do that simply click on one of the image previews - you'll start to edit a single widget. You can move the image vertically and horizontally, and zoom in or zoom out the image if necessary.

7. When you're ready with your ad, click the 'Create' button in the top right corner. Your ad will be added to your Creative Studio if there are no errors on the way.

8. Done!

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