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Why are my ads being shown to countries outside my target geolocations?
Why are my ads being shown to countries outside my target geolocations?
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It is possible that you may receive traffic from any location on your website,

Nevertheless, campaigns will serve ad impressions only to the visitors captured from the specified geo-locations.

Match2One uses a click-tracking system with a redirect to the landing page. This means that once a user clicks on an ad, logic redirects the user to the click-tracking system with a landing page in the URL.

Once a click event is recorded, the user is redirected to the landing page.
As a result, in Google Analytics, you see Match2One click-tracking servers distributed around the world because the click-tracking server is the last item in the requests chain.

There might also be persons using VPN services which could trigger Google Analytics to believe that the traffic comes from other countries (Finland, UAE, etc.).

From our side, we are sure that campaign banners are shown only in targeted countries.

Match2One and GA use different geolocation services, and that can also lead to discrepancies.

IP addresses
Reporting uses IP addresses as the basis for geographic reporting. If the publisher's system isn't based on IP addresses, then it's not directly comparable with reporting. Some commonly used methods include user-entered data (where the users identify their location as part of a signup process), country top-level domain names, and query parsing.

Geographic data sources
Different ad serving technologies use geographic data from different vendors and sources. That means that even if the publisher's system uses IP addresses, they might assign a different geographic location to the same IP address based on a different database of geographic information.

We make sure that campaign creatives are shown only in targeted countries.

Read more on GA detection of location:

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