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What is media spend?
What is media spend?

Fuel to your campaigns

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Media Spend feeds your campaigns with funds - you pay for ad space, and Match2One retains a small percentage for serving your ads (to cover ad serving and other technical costs).

The total spend is the cost of buying ad space to deliver your ads, as shown fully transparently in the platform to give complete control. You decide the budget you want to spend per day on your campaigns and can pre-pay using a credit card or invoice*.

Our default pricing model is Dynamic CPM, whereby advertisers are charged by cost per thousand impressions. This encourages transparency and allows Match2One’s platform to optimize the campaigns to specific goals, e.g., ROAS, CPA, or CPC.

The platform will automatically adjust campaigns and tactics based on the pre-defined marketing goal and be fully transparent about where ads have been shown and the cost.

If you have any more questions regarding optimization strategy or pricing, please reach out to Match2One’s customer support team - who are there to help you every step of the way.

*Invoice payments available at request for monthly media budgets exceeding $2,000.

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