Combine prospecting and retargeting in one campaign
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Important: This campaign model will soon be deprecated - active Combination campaigns will continue running. However, you won't be able to launch new campaigns using this model.

What is a Combination Campaign?

It combines finding new customers (prospecting) with keeping the old ones (retargeting). It is the most effective method to scale your business by getting new website visitors, as well as catching existing users or users that are about to slip away. Finding new customers is done by putting resources and time into learning who is most likely to become a customer. Over time the model gets more and more cost-efficient. 

How to create a Combination Campaign?

  1. Click the ''New campaign'' button in the top right corner in the top navigation bar.

2. Select ''Manual setup'' in the pop-up window.

3. Fill in your campaign's basic settings in ''Basics'' tab.
4. In ''Campaign details'' tab select ''Combination'' (Match2One Prospecting & Retargeting) as a campaign model.

Select Optimisation Type, set Optimisation Goal, and Daily Budget for your campaign.
Learn more on what optimisation type you should choose, and what optimisation goal or daily budget you should set for your Prospecting Campaign.

5. Complete other steps in campaign creator and launch your campaign.

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