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Alcohol advertising is eligible only in selected countries - specific exceptions may apply. Please contact our Customer Support Team to find out what rules apply to your market of interest.

Advertising must comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and other standard industry requirements applicable to the promotion of alcohol to the public, including required notices, warnings, and disclaimers.

Responsible drinking messaging

  • Advertising must contain proper health warnings and responsible drinking messaging, such as “drink responsibly,” “do not drink and drive,” etc.

  • Advertising cannot:

    • Glorify or incite the consumption of alcohol, encourage excessive consumption, or discourage abstinence or moderation.

    • Be directed toward individuals under the applicable minimum drinking age or served in a context where it is highly likely it will be displayed to such individuals. This includes but is not limited to, the use of language, themes, expressions, graphic resources, audio or visual elements that may appeal to underage individuals or using individuals who are or appear to be underage in promotional content or on the website.

    • State that alcohol has therapeutic properties, that it is a stimulant, that it is a sedative, or that it can help resolve conflict.

    • Link consumption of alcohol to enhanced performance, such as physical performance or driving.

    • Place the emphasis on high alcohol content as a positive quality of the beverage.

    • Give the impression that alcohol is essential to or contributes to business, social, academic, or athletic success or acceptance.

All required disclaimers, age gating mechanisms and responsible drinking and health warnings must be present either in the ad copy or the landing page.

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