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Additional restrictions may apply for dating / personal advertising in specific countries. Please contact our Customer Support Team to find out what rules apply to adult content advertising in your market of interest.

Dating/personals advertising - rules

  • Relationship-focused sites will be considered with pre-approval.

  • Dating and personals should be targeted to adults and are not allowed on any site or section designed for or targeted to children and should not provide the intent for sexual encounters, where the ad or website content features graphic images from the landing page, or the language are graphic or explicit in nature. Creative focus should include common interests, mutuality, and/or complementary characteristics and promote friendship, commitment, relationships, couples, or love. The following rules apply:

    • Casual dating ads are strictly prohibited without exception (Global); casual dating may include but is not limited to, an emphasis focused (directly or indirectly) on one-night stands, hook-ups, and sexual encounters that promote infidelity or casual sex.

    • Techniques (including chat-style windows) that give the user the impression that they will interact specifically with the person(s) highlighted within the campaign are not allowed.

    • No focus on marketing or meeting specific groups or individuals.

    • Feature a casual and natural body position and/or facial expression (smile not desirous, seductive, or sexual). Creative should downplay the physical attributes of subjects.

    • No sexual innuendo (combination of text and image).

      • Text must be in line with the “Focus” principles above (e.g., “Relationships”).

      • Ambiance, atmosphere, setting: Should support a casual environment suitable for being in public … no beds, foreplay-like or sexual activity.

      • Ads cannot include “personalization” or personalized ad messaging and image.

      • The guidelines above apply to images of animals and cartoon depictions such as manga.

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