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Finance advertising may be eligible for additional restrictions in selected countries. Please contact our Customer Support Team to find out what rules apply to finance advertising in your market of interest.


Advertisers who promote financial products and services must ensure they comply with all applicable local laws and regulatory requirements. All ads must be fair and clear; ads cannot be misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive. These policies apply to all forms of currency, including physical and virtual currency.

Prohibited financial products and services

  • Non-regulated binary options (regulated binary options may be allowed with review).

  • Financial products or services designed to facilitate illegal purposes, e.g., to avoid applicable taxes or money laundering.

  • Ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, or other legally questionable business opportunities, particularly if returns on investment rely solely on adding participants to the scheme or the consumer must pay a subscription fee or buy a specific product to join, and the value proposition of doing so is undefined.

  • Marijuana, pot stocks.

  • Chain letters or offerings that imply that non-participation might result in loss or bad fortune.

  • Employment on income: Content that facilitates and/or promotes any “employment on income” opportunity which requires payment.

  • Services that “guarantee” financial return.

  • Services that “guarantee” foreclosure prevention.

  • Specific stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, or other investment vehicles, including initial public offerings and “tips” on such products and services.

  • Penny auctions, also known as bidding fee auctions, are not allowed.

  • Penny stock advertising.

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