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Please contact our Customer Support Team to find out what rules apply to political content advertising in your market of interest.

Political content advertising - general rules

  • Advertising for election-related content, including election canvassing and election polls, political parties, candidates, and ballot measures, is not allowed.

  • Fundraising for political candidates, parties, PACs, and ballot measures is not allowed.

  • Advertising cannot exploit sensitive political issues for commercial gain or promote extreme political agendas or any known associations with hate, criminal or terrorist activities.

  • Advertising may not insult any ideology or utilize religious symbols or motifs in a way that is considered in poor taste.

  • Advertising that exploits political agendas, sensitive political issues, or uses “hot button” political issues or names of prominent politicians is not allowed, regardless of whether the advertiser has a political agenda.

  • Use of political figures, past or present, cannot be linked in text or images to political content, products, sensationalized messaging, hot-button issues, or as a way to link historical topics to current issues/events.

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