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Please contact our Customer Support Team to find out what rules apply to pricing advertising in your market of interest.

Pricing advertising - general rules

The offer must disclose all of the material terms of the transaction and obtain customers’ express informed consent. The pricing and billing models must be truthful, accurate, and easy to understand, not misleading, and must be at all times compliant with our policies.

  • Offers featuring $0 pricing are allowed for mobile phones and tablet devices only if all applicable costs, contract terms, and conditions are prominently disclosed in the ad feed wherever the $0 message appears, for example, "only with 12-month contract."

  • Offers featuring $0 pricing for mobile phones or tablets with installment plans are allowed only in the U.S. These offers must include clear disclosure of applicable costs, terms, and conditions in the ad feed, for example, "installment plan required." These devices cannot be marketed as “free.”

  • Free or $0 offers are not allowed if the user must pay any portion, including delivery, as they would be considered misleading.

  • The default price should be in the local currency of the market you are targeting. For example, U.S. offers must be priced in USD by default.

  • Price, discounts, or offers displayed must be available on the landing page.

  • One or more products must be available at the offered price and easily accessible to users within a few clicks of the landing page.

  • For multiple pricing options, such as variable prices based on different quantities or subscription options, the default price on the landing page should be the price shown in the ad.

  • All applicable conditions, taxes, costs, discounts, etc., must be clearly displayed before purchase.

  • Taxes and additional fees must be disclosed at checkout. Where legally required, however, the price displayed in your product feed must be inclusive of all applicable taxes.

  • Recurring payments or installments are acceptable, provided that all material terms are fairly disclosed prior to the purchase, including the total final price amount, the amount of each individual payment, the total number of payments, and applicable manner and means of cancellation.

Other specific rules may apply to:

  • Free offers and price promises

  • Savings and rebate claims

  • Subscription services

  • Tax collection & Shipping terms

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