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Limited Content: Promotion of 3rd-party products and services
Limited Content: Promotion of 3rd-party products and services
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Promotion of 3rd-party products and services - general rules

  • Advertisers offering services or otherwise promoting a third-party product may not claim affiliation with the owner or manufacturer of the product when no such relationship exists.

  • Advertisers may not state or imply that they are the owner of a product or service when this is not the case and must disclose when the product or service may also be available somewhere else (by the owner, for example).

  • Advertisers must be accurate when describing their relationship with the owner of a product or service (for example, if they are authorized distributors).

  • Brands, logos, etc., may not be used deceptively, either in native ad copy or landing page, in a way that tends to suggest that the site, product, or service is owned, managed, promoted, or endorsed by the owner of the product or service unless a qualified relationship exists (parent-affiliate, certified partners, authorized resellers, etc.).

  • Certified partners and resellers must comply with the requirements of the certification program, including brand usage guidelines, and may not misuse their certification credentials for the purpose of misrepresenting affiliation or endorsement or otherwise conveying legitimacy to their sites and offers for deceptive purposes.

  • Advertisers may not use misleading displays or destination URLs or domains.

  • All sites must provide access to contact information, such as a valid phone number, email, contact form, or mailing address.

  • Advertisers must not claim to provide a service that can only be provided by the actual owner of the products or services advertised. For example, a third party may not claim to be able to reset email passwords.

  • The fulfillment of the original customer’s request, as advertised in ad copy, must not be made conditional to the provision or purchase of other products or services. Other products or services may be promoted on the website, but they must be clearly identified as such, and it must be easy for the user to decline them.

  • Advertisers may not promote online technical support to consumers for products or services that the advertisers do not directly own.

  • All disclosures and statements required by this policy must be made available very close to the offer and must be clear, conspicuous, and legible.

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