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Pay with credit card when launching a campaign
Pay with credit card when launching a campaign
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Use credit card as a payment method:

1. Once you have completed your campaign settings and added your creatives, go to the 'Payment' step.

2. Under 'Payment method' you select 'Credit Card'. If you have added cards to your account, you'll see a list of all of your cards. Select the one you want to use for payment of this campaign. You can also add a new card by clicking the '+Add new card' link.

3. Optionally, you can decide if you want to use your Account Balance before your card is charged, whenever there are funds in the account that can be used for payment of this campaign.

4. In the next step select how often you want your card to be charged by choosing the billing frequency of your choice. Note here that, all payments are done in advance and your card will be automatically charged as long as you have this campaign running. To prevent your campaign from pausing, billing will take place 3 days before the current billing period ends.

5. Once you have selected the billing frequency, you'll also need to confirm that you agree with the payment terms ('I agree and understand that all payments are done in advance...'). After the billing frequency is changed, you'll see a preliminary payment schedule for your campaign with all the upcoming payment dates and amounts. 

6. Done! Feel free to continue with the campaign setup.

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