Tracking pixels are added to your store in order to track visitors and customers purchasing from you. Match2One provides two different pixels that are easily installed on your WordPress website.

Conversion pixel
Conversion pixels are typically used on the order status page, which is the page that confirms that the customer has created an order.

Segment pixel
Segment pixels are used on all pages of the website in order to track your visitors.

Install the Match2One Conversion pixel:

1. Copy the Conversion tracking pixel from the Match2One platform.

2. Go to Plugins > Add new in your Admin Panel and search for the Tracking Code Manager plugin, then activate this.

3. Open Tracking Code Manager through your Settings menu

4. Go to "Add New Script" and paste in the Match2One conversion pixel in the black box

5. Change the settings in the boxes below. If you are using WooCommerce, choose that option. Hit Save

6. Allow up to 3 hours before our platform recognises your pixels

7. Voila! Your Conversion pixels are firing!

Install the Match2One Segment pixel (you can also use the same steps above, but choose to place the script on all pages instead):

1. Copy the segment tracking pixel from the Match2One platform (the bottom one).

2. Go to Appearance > Editor in your Admin Panel

3.  From there, you can view your Templates, followed by php files. Select the header.php, paste the Match2One pixel code directly after <head> and before the <body> tag

4. Allow up to 3 hours before our platform recognises your pixels

5. Voila! Your segment pixels are firing!

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