If you are not already aware of Match2One's pricing model, please read about our pricing plans.

However, Ad space is bought and sold trough virtual auctions, and as in all auctions prices are dependant of demand. The more advertises who are interested in one particular impression, the higher the cost will be.

CLARA AI - Match2One's AI (artificial intelligence), is working hard to determine where your budget will be most effective; it bids to win the highest quality impressions at the lowest possible price.

What does Match2One pay to display your ad?

We receive a lot of questions if we are buying by CPC (cost per click) or CPA (cost per acquisition). This is not the case.

Match2One is paying ads by CPM (cost per thousand impressions), which means that we are trying to buy the best possible inventory for you, in order to reach the best audience for your campaign. CLARA is working day and night just to find that audience.

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