CPA is short for Cost Per Acquisition and allows you to target users similar to those who have already made acquisitions on your website. An acquisition could be everything from buying one of your products to signing up for a newsletter.

With our tracking installed, your campaigns may be optimised towards a CPA optimisation goal, where the AI searches for the audience that is most likely to convert - at the lowest price possible.

The CPA optimisation goal value depends on how valuable a conversion is to your business. It varies a lot from business to business and product to product. General guidance is to determine the goal value based on the margin.

Here are a couple of examples:

Example customer 1:

  • Ecommerce

  • Selling Product X for $1000

  • Profit margin on Product X is 30%

  • Conversion goal (CPA) should be set to $300, as this is the maximum you can spend to break even

Example customer 2:

  • Lead generator

  • E-mail sign-up

  • 1 sign up is valued at $5

  • CPA Optimisation Goal is set to $5

Average CPA goal values (historical averages):

Daily conversions








0 - 2




2 - 5




5 - 10




10 - 30








If you need further assistance in setting your goal value, feel free to contact us:

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