Setting a realistic budget for your campaign is critical to reach your goals. Depending on what campaign model and optimisation you choose, you need to plan accordingly.

As a minimum, we recommend having a daily spend of $20 USD.

Prospecting budget

Prospecting campaigns requires more, as the potential audience is unlimited. Wether you spend $1000 USD per day or less, our algorithms will adapt.

Here, we recommend a daily budget of at least $20 USD, which will help the algorithms to collect data faster. The more daily spend - the faster and greater learnings. 

Retargeting budget

Your retargeting budget is dependent on your segment data. The more visitors you have, the more retargeting you can do.

We recommend always maxing your retargeting budget, since it is the most cost-efficient way to display advertise and typically yields great results for a minimalistic amount.

Company A has 300 daily visitors, which sets the max spend cap to $7.5 USD.

Combination budget

When using a combined campaign, take into consideration that the budget should cover both retargeting and prospecting. Therefore, top your usual prospecting campaign up with at least the same amount you would spend on retargeting.

Company A, as mentioned before, would top their usual prospecting spend of $40 USD per day with their retargeting spend of $7.5 USD totalling a combined spend of at least $47.5 USD per day.

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