When running display advertising, there are three essential ways of doing it. In Match2One, they are called Combined, Retargeting and Prospecting.


We recommend using a combined model in order to reach both new and current customers. This way, you can attract new visitors and increase conversion rate simultaneously, making it as simple and smooth as possible for you.


The most cost-efficient way of display advertising is to retarget the visitors who have previously visited your site - yet not converted. 

Since they have shown an initial interest for your company and products, there is a much higher chance of them interacting with your ads and eventually converting compared to an unknown prospect.

We recommend always having a retargeting campaign active to reconnect with lost visitors and increase conversion rates.


In order to drive new visitors to your website and increase your retargeting audience, prospecting is a powerful tool.

Target completely new prospects and optimise based on where you get results. This way, you will find audiences you didn't know you had and effectively increase your retargeting audience.

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