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Advanced Targeting Settings
Advanced Targeting Settings
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Match2One's Advanced Targeting is available to agencies and/or experienced programmatic media buyers.

It's a powerful feature, but it also comes with limited reach, and the more specific settings you apply, the smaller the audience for your advertising will be. In this article, we're presenting a guide into the targeting settings we currently offer in our platform.



Regions enable you to target specific locations in countries - you can either include or exclude regions where you want your ads to be shown.

Note: By default, we'll target all regions in selected countries.

Publishers categories

You can select the publishers categories you want to target. We suggest you select a minimum of 5 categories to get enough reach in your campaign.

Note: By default, we will automatically target as many categories as possible (Automatic option).

Browser Language

This setting lets you select browser language. This is the language that the user has set to their browser, therefore we highly recommend you to set this option to Automatic.

Device Type

You can specify what types of devices you want your ads to be displayed. By default, we'll target all types of devices.

Note: Keep in mind that if you want to limit targeting to specific devices you'll need to add creatives in appropriate sizes depending on the device type.

Ad Schedule

With this timetable, you get to choose what hours and days you wish to show your ads. The times you set are automatically translated to adapt to all different time zones.

Frequency Cap

We have limited the frequency of showing your ads to the same customer down to 5 times per day. In this setting, you can either lower or higher this number.

Domains (Allow & Blocklists)

Select what sites (domains) you want your ads to be displayed on (allowlists) or what sites you don't want to show your ads on (blocklists). By default, we'll automatically choose domains to target for selected countries and a product category.

Keep showing ads to already converted users?

This setting lets you decide if you want to keep showing your ads to already converted users. By default, we'll automate this setting depending on the product category and the AI's learnings.

If you have any questions regarding Advanced Targeting or wish to use them in your campaigns, please contact your Customer Success Manager for guidance.

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