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What to expect before you launch a campaign
What to expect before you launch a campaign

Conversions, Clicks, Google Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

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There's a couple of nuances you'll need to keep in mind before launching your first campaign with Match2One. They refer to setting the right expectations, taking into consideration how programmatic advertising works, understanding attribution models, and differences between Google Analytics' and Match2One's approach to reporting.

  • Any campaign should run for at least 4 weeks before you start analysing and evaluating it. This is especially true about Prospecting because it will first go through a learning phase before going over to optimisation, needing time to gain knowledge about buying patterns before it starts delivering the desired KPIs.

  • When it comes to conversions, we measure, report on, and optimise towards Post-View Conversions as well as Post-Click Conversions. We attribute post-view conversions during 7 days after the impression and post-click conversions during 30 days after the impression. Very often post-view conversions will outnumber the post-click conversions which is common for display channels. *We don't track last-click conversions as Google Analytics does.

  • You will have access to reports on Impressions, Conversions, Publisher Websites, etc. all in real-time in the Dashboard as of the first impressions.

  • Google Analytics will not be able to track everything back to us as a source since a) Google Analytics does not track our impressions; b) Google Analytics can only present the last page as the source.

  • For tracking clicks in Google Analytics, we recommend you attach a UTM tag to the landing page of each campaign.

  • If you must track all conversions either through Google Analytics or another reporting page then let us know and we can provide you with a custom conversion script that contains an order id variable.

  • It’s completely normal to display ads on foreign websites. This is because the audience in your targeted geographical area might visit several other pages abroad or in other languages. 

If you have any questions regarding the above information, contact your Customer Success Manager or chat to any of us in the live chat icon below to the right.

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