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How much budget do I need to spend before I see results?
How much budget do I need to spend before I see results?
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There's no magic budget to get the results/sales you want. It's actually a combination of different factors. One of the main factors is how conversions/orders you have on your site on a daily basis. Why? Because we deliver results based on the data from your website, regardless if your goals are clicks or conversions, the more data we track and collect the better we can deliver in any given campaign for you. 

Data together with top quality banners, a good landing page, time, budget and patience for the campaign to deliver results are the driving forces of any campaign. 

Best thing you can do is install our tracking pixels on your website so we can track the data, get to know your customers and then run a test campaign. 

We don't have any minimum budget requirements so you decide how much to spend. But the bigger your budget is per day the more impressions and momentum you get in a campaign where we're trying to find you brand new customers.

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