Transferring campaign funds

A short guide on how to transfer funds from an existing campaign

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There are different ways to transfer funds from a campaign to an account balance or from one campaign to another:

'Transfer balance' option

If you want to manage funds across different campaigns or accounts, there is a dedicated place for actioning this in the billing settings for your account. In the Summary section, you'll find a 'Transfer balance' button. In a pop-up window, you'll be able to choose from which account or campaign you want to transfer funds to another account or campaign. Provide an amount you want to transfer and click 'Transfer funds'.

Note: If you're transferring funds from an Active campaign, there will be a specific amount of money reserved for this campaign (so that it's still capable of spending) that you won't be able to transfer.

Automatic transfer

For campaigns in Archiving, Archived, Ended, or Stopped statuses, we will automatically transfer the remaining campaign funds to your account balance.

By stopping a campaign

By stopping a campaign (immediate option), the remaining funds will be automatically transferred to your account balance.

'Funds sharing' option

For each of your campaigns, in the Payment step of Campaign Creator, you can enable or disable 'Funds sharing'. If you don't have a specified budget that you need your campaign to spend, we recommend enabling 'Funds sharing' in all cases - this way you won't have to monitor or think about even funds distribution across other campaigns.

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