CPM Optimisation

Cost Per Mille Optimisation

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In a campaign optimised towards Impressions (CPM goal), the AI will be looking for the best exposure for your ads - at the lowest cost possible.

To set your CPM Optimisation Goal, you should look first into what market(s) you are advertising to but also keep in mind that it's not the only thing that may affect your CPM value.

CPM values may be affected by different factors:

  • segments (limited product categories),

  • geo-targeting (targeting countries, regions, or cities)

  • whitelists (allowing only specific domains to publish your ads) or blacklists (blocking specific domains from publishing your ads)

  • season/period of the year

  • devices (desktop, mobile, or tablet)

  • creative sizes

  • sensitive categories (e.g., gambling or dating)

  • budget

  • auction demand

  • action supply (how available your target is in a programmatic environment)

Our minimum CPM goal recommendations:













North America




Central America




South America
















Middle East








If you plan to target multiple markets, you should choose the highest minimum CPM goal value of those markets. 

Note: The AI will look for lower prices than your set goal. A low goal will only limit the campaign.

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