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How to install tracking: Neto eCommerce
How to install tracking: Neto eCommerce

Set up segment and conversion tracking on your Neto website.

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Match2One tracking installation in Neto eCommerce platform is easy. To install Match2One tracking on your Neto website, follow these steps.

Step 1: Install Match2One Segment Tracking

1. In your Neto dashboard, go to ''Settings & tools''.

2. Go to ''All settings & tools''.

3. Then go to ''Analytics & 3rd Party Scripts''.

4. Go to ''Custom Scripts''.

5. On the ''Custom Scripts'' page, click on ''Add New''.

6. Give your custom 3rd party script a name, e.g. Match2One segment pixel.

7. Scroll down to the ''Scripts'' section and make sure you have the Page Header tab selected.

8. Now, in another browser tab, log in to your Match2One account, and in the 'Tracking' section copy your unique segment script. Remember to check the 'Use a JavaScript' box.

9. Go back to your Neto browser tab, and paste the script in the empty text field.

10. Click ''Save''.

11. You might be asked to verify your identity with a security token. In this case, click on ''Send token now'', go to your email, copy the token from the email, and paste it in the 'Step 2' field. Click ''Verify token''.

12. Your segment pixel is now installed!

Step 2: Install Match2One Conversion Tracking (with/without order value)

1. Create a new 3rd party script for your Match2One conversion pixel. Start by giving your script a name, e.g. Match2One conversion pixel.

2. Scroll down to the Scripts section and this time select the Purchase Confirmation (Thank You Page) tab.

3. Now, in your Match2One account, go to the 'Tracking' section and copy your unique conversion script. You have alternative scripts to choose from:

  • Standard (without order value)

  • Advanced (with order value) – recommended for Neto users selling things online

In this guide, we'll cover instructions for Advanced Conversion Tracking.

4. Go back to your Neto browser tab, and paste the script in the empty text field.

5. To include your order value:

  • Select [[order_value]] from the script with your mouse

  • Open the -- Insert Tag -- dropdown menu and choose Grand Total

6. Finally, click ''Save''.

7. Your conversion pixel is now installed!

Step 3: Finalise and verify installation

1. Go to your Match2One account, and in the 'Tracking' section, check the ''Tracking Status''. Keep in mind that it may take up to 3 hours for the pixels to fire. At this point, your status should look like this:

2. In a few hours, you should receive an email notification with the title Congratulations - your tracking pixels are firing. Go to your Match2One account and check tracking status under Tools / Status.

If you've had both page visits and new purchases (conversions) on your site after installing the scripts, both the conversion and segment pixel scripts should be green and active.

3. Congratulations! Your installation is complete, and you are ready to launch your first Match2One programmatic display advertising campaign!

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