Editing a campaign

How to edit your campaign

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You can edit Active, Pending, Pending, or Ended campaign.

To edit your campaign:

  1. Go to the Campaigns section and locate the campaign you want to pause in the Campaigns table.

  2. Click on the 'edit' button - you'll be redirected to the editor mode.

  3. Make your edits and click the 'Submit changes' button in the top right corner.

Note: Editing some settings will require a re-audit of your campaign, so changes won't be immediate.

Editable campaign settings:

  • Daily budget

  • Optimisation goal

  • Countries

  • End date

  • Advanced Targeting Settings

  • Landing page & creatives

  • Payment method

Non-editable settings:

  • Optimisation strategy (CPM, CPC, CPA)

  • Campaign model (Prospecting, Retargeting, Contextual)

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