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Why is my campaign pending?
Why is my campaign pending?
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A campaign with pending status is a campaign that is not actively spending. It can be caused by several different reasons that are listed in the table below, accompanied by actions you can take to activate your campaign:

Pending reason


Campaign under review

We're reviewing each campaign before it's activated - review includes setup and ads audit

Action: Wait up to 48h

Subscription not paid (paid plans only)

Your subscription needs to be paid to keep your campaigns activated.

Action: Pay for your subscription

No funds

If you selected 'Account balance' as a payment method for your campaign, and the account balance runs out of funds, your campaign may run out of funds as well.

Action: Add funds to your account balance

If you selected 'Credit card' as a payment method for your campaign, check if your card has enough balance /is still valid.

Future start date

You have set your campaign to be started in the future.

Action: Wait until your campaign is activated on its 'Start date'

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