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For contextual campaigns, in addition to specific content category selection, we provide an option to exclude content categories unsuitable for your brand and/or products.

We always cover the highest level of risk for all unwanted context categories. For exclusions, you can choose the following categories:



Adult and Explicit Sexual Content

  • Illegal sale, distribution, and consumption of child pornography

  • Explicit or gratuitous depiction of sexual acts and/or display of genitals, real or animated

Arms and Ammunition

  • Promotion and advocacy of Sales of illegal arms, rifles, and handguns

  • Instructive content on how to obtain, make, distribute, or use illegal arms

  • Glamorization of illegal arms for the purpose of harm to others

  • Use of illegal arms in unregulated environments

Crime or Harmful Acts or Human Right Violations

  • Graphic promotion, advocacy, and depiction of willful harm and actual unlawful criminal activity – Explicit violations / demeaning offenses of human rights (e.g., human trafficking, slavery, self-harm, animal cruelty, etc.),

  • Harassment or bullying of individuals and groups

Death Injury or Military Conflict

  • Promotion, incitement, or advocacy of violence, death, or injury

  • Murder or willful bodily harm to others

  • Graphic depictions of willful harm to others

  • Incendiary content provoking, enticing, or evoking military aggression

  • Live action footage/photos of military actions & genocide or other war crimes

Online piracy

  • Pirating, copyright infringement, & counterfeiting

Hate speech or Acts of Aggression

  • Behavior or content that incites hatred, promotes violence, vilifies, or dehumanizes groups or individuals based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, ability, nationality, religion, caste, victims and survivors of violent acts, and their kin, immigration status, or serious disease sufferers.

Obscenity and Profanity

  • Excessive use of profane language or gestures and other repulsive actions that shock, offend, or insult.

Illegal Drugs or Tobacco or Vaping or Alcohol

  • Promotion or sale of illegal drug use – including abuse of prescription drugs. Federal jurisdiction applies but is allowable where legal local jurisdiction can be effectively managed.

  • Promotion and advocacy of tobacco and, e-cigarette (vaping) & alcohol use for minors

Spam or Harmful Content

  • Malware/phishing


  • Promotion and advocacy of graphic terrorist activity involving defamation, physical and/or emotional harm of individuals, communities, and society

Sensitive Social Issues

  • Insensitive, irresponsible, and harmful treatment of debated social issues and related acts that demean a particular group or incite greater conflict.

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