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We recommend selecting categories from different top-level segments that complement each other for optimal reach.

Contextual segments categories


Segments created based on the keywords found in the web articles. They are divided into two main levels:

  • Reach - main sub-category, e.g., Automotive

  • Relevance - sub-levels of Reach sub-category, e.g., Auto Body Styles, Auto Type, Car Culture, etc.; in addition, relevance sub-categories can have their sub-categories


  • Interests

    • Automotive

      • Auto Body Styles

        • Commercial Trucks

        • Sedan

        • Station Wagon

        • ...

        • Pickup Trucks

      • Auto Type

      • Car Culture

      • ...

      • Auto Rentals

Visual Intent

Segments created in association with Getty Images leveraging image meta tags (available exclusively to us).


Predictive segments are identified customer segments based on the high probability of occurrences of certain behaviors, events, or conditions in the future. Predictive segments remove all the manual work by automatically identifying and surfacing the valuable or high-potential traffic segments that should be targeted. Predictive segments accelerate a marketer’s position in the workflow, enabling them to find the right segments to work with.


Custom-built segments.

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