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What do you want to achieve with your campaign?

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When using our Campaign Generator or creating your campaign manually, you will be asked what you want to achieve with your campaign. This gives our algorithm optimization tool a goal to work towards. To know what is the best fit for your campaign, continue to read below!

Impressions (Brand Awareness)

In short, brand awareness is all about customers recognizing your brand. With Programmatic Advertising, the goal is to publish as many ads as possible based on your budget to increase the awareness of your brand.

To maximize your brand awareness, set your optimization to Cost Per Mille - CPM.

Clicks (Website Visitors)

It's all about clicks. When choosing this option with Programmatic Advertising, the goal is to drive as many visitors as possible to your site based on your budget and campaign goals. The algorithms will adapt to find people who not only see your ads but also click on them and end up on your landing page!

To increase your amount of visitors, set your optimization to Cost Per Click - CPC.


With our tracking installed, your campaigns may be optimized toward conversions, where the Artificial Intelligence searches for the audience that is most likely to convert - at the lowest price possible.

Our algorithm will work to target users similar to those who already made acquisitions on your website. An acquisition could be everything from buying one of your products to signing up for a newsletter. 

To optimize toward conversions, set your optimization to Cost Per Acquisition - CPA.

Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

Return On Ad Spend is a digital advertising metric used to measure the effectiveness of a campaign by looking at how much customers spend. Rather than only focusing on how many conversions an advertising campaign has generated, ROAS also gives you information on how much revenue those customers have generated.

In Match2One's platform, you can set a ROAS goal that our AI will automatically optimize toward. Choose "ROAS goal" when setting up a new campaign after installing our conversion pixel (with order value) on your website to start a ROAS-optimized campaign.

To optimize toward the highest return on ad spend, set your optimization to Return On Ad Spend - ROAS.

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