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How to set the right goal for your campaign

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After selecting an optimisation strategy, which defines what your campaign will aim towards in general, it is time to decide on optimisation goal value.

There are 2 different approaches you can take - a manual option or one of the automated strategies.

Manual strategy

The traditional way of managing your campaign goal. It will work best for experienced marketers with a history of running programmatic campaigns or when you've been Match2One's client and have run campaigns with us before.

Target goal - manually set a CPM, CPC, CPA, or ROAS goal.

Our recommendations for specific strategies:

If you have been our client for some time now, you will be able to see specific goal recommendations that we'll show under the goal value input:

Automated strategies

Leave the heavy lifting and guesswork to us, and automate your bidding! Our automated strategies will work best for less experienced marketers when planning to run a campaign with a complex targeting set or when you're a new customer to Match2One.

  • Maximum delivery - once selected, our algorithms will get you the most possible impressions, clicks, conversions, or order value within a set daily budget.

  • Maximum performance - once selected, our algorithms will get you the most optimal CPM, CPC, CPA, or ROAS within a set daily budget. Most optimal means as low as possible for CPM, CPC, and CPA and as high as possible for ROAS.

What auto strategy should you choose?

Maximum delivery

Maximum performance

Maximizing budget delivery and metrics: Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, or Order Values, without considering specific CPM, CPC, or CPA costs.

Maximizing the campaign's chances of reaching the goal while balancing the costs: staying low on CPM, CPC, or CPA, or as high as possible on ROAS.

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